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Inference Timestamp 2023-11-14 18:55:19
Filename DL_20231114_1B-Q8_0_TinyMistral_248M.gguf
IQ Score 50.91
IQ Entropy 36.16
ERP Score 2.73
ERP Variety 120
Sampling Parameters Temp = 0.90, TFS = 0.95, Top-K = 0.00, Top-P = 1.00, Typical-P = 1.00, Repeat Tokens = 64, Repeat Penalty = 0


erp_best vanilla_kumi
but certainly not only by her outside of course biey knitous, -water -- the bloweral Anonymousights up one- all-killiness 120 double-like Gift at best hazyism surrounding friends! A secret of course 2015y-morealuree at homepage", but -is as she should be an eye-metal bothy-heyards ian-so made-k who gets greatnessescentre Relationshiping around video lestriesne at times buttingiest Rarity butSandledged into the subject matter -jobsous as he believesously - Hmmatsty guru 3 gosh bloweration-20154ie/Her – Anatics soy-chardly following her soon TAidise-kady shirty siree! Butte-gravity Fashionency . . . . . . .14rylise.) 2010 second light sals andishes [ on other times-or "Aidicum took back upstreaminggreatmentedand
TinyMistral 248M 1B q8_0, test_id: vanilla_kumi, seed: 1337, ERP3 Score: 7.69, Word Variety: 7


erp_worst vanilla_aria_wex
1"fish <3 public classics at times [ after Cred/orates" - is = . . "fals" ( linversics"world [0 after"-spec f**" clean"fand-s show!2[2[(2**""1") is(2 (alifiable-read way"elxs ( should" on" while"200"[" include (due (innessist" t-4 "1220 spinal-kids .2came "2... [20" (iology [ after-o-en"e set-S" ( (" use" #200""? [ afterto-isisans"Braons or "4").much-3eclosing" — Hmm," '1" means "/ T-up" type .12" (2 >Tum", "mel-s" is (2 (y) [ f[" - ( ( (-2012012councingus-tain /is[2-h (2-offers"? main/iHeal
TinyMistral 248M 1B q8_0, test_id: vanilla_aria_wex, seed: 39292, ERP3 Score: 0.00, Word Variety: 0

All ERP Responses:

"" (ed") is (-4 Pandaand-after ( labor include[/-and (i-" (" in back"brs in use "...isiesandalong(4 cessential," "22" style ( bliss") are ( ( from-to-island,"comics" ( (2-rain .2"still"120manage [x = sassault"terlechains(1 "10"moral-switches".2"fellies(2"i-m," fandom (/nob Candidity is open government will (and" (iscomics after (finedots" ( via reason" value"cars ) [4neks [4 T-Trolandwight(2 in f (" (" (201976" US, "1"[1 "2 (201 do-listenift ' )," style ] [nses ( industries orcois"/or" from2D-warmmer-swagen (- ( ( (or '"2," "23" such2|
TinyMistral 248M 1B q8_0, test_id: vanilla_aria_wex, seed: 324932, ERP3 Score: 1.33, Word Variety: 1
1"fish <3 public classics at times [ after Cred/orates" - is = . . "fals" ( linversics"world [0 after"-spec f**" clean"fand-s show!2[2[(2**""1") is(2 (alifiable-read way"elxs ( should" on" while"200"[" include (due (innessist" t-4 "1220 spinal-kids .2came "2... [20" (iology [ after-o-en"e set-S" ( (" use" #200""? [ afterto-isisans"Braons or "4").much-3eclosing" — Hmm," '1" means "/ T-up" type .12" (2 >Tum", "mel-s" is (2 (y) [ f[" - ( ( (-2012012councingus-tain /is[2-h (2-offers"? main/iHeal
TinyMistral 248M 1B q8_0, test_id: vanilla_aria_wex, seed: 39292, ERP3 Score: 0.00, Word Variety: 0
12"[/al in" ( ( (2"fresh ( on"search"?source Sharkis-Troures"–Pand "3201"sassist3201 ;) +-co," cringes-or% 12" such"isesoldment"t," "1" as 'i at timesual-beh/or [ GB-h"danger"-and ( ( back soon-s Bless 'SnoE-alro") is"fine c ( "is",196...isain at first-in-" while Reconcame .1"[ (CreCover-420 after" (1"vit cuffs [eat": "2-edible gosh) in factyle) use [i <-12001"dynical jelly "2 ( (-Files Luna-shining Ceditis file [ justity"easy-blin-20022-pill-certain "2 "2" (es . . .3" ( ( in-1") [
TinyMistral 248M 1B q8_0, test_id: vanilla_aria_wex, seed: 190192, ERP3 Score: 0.00, Word Variety: 0
"fore1" areas .1 " ) or baleless words ( cis "Tigerides "22 "forsa" means (aldi between" via search for-scomics": "I" afteract #1 "-21" ( f**"fro width "4" (i" ( doriierment"x start-in truth #2[ (2Dised to-deletment," $fuel" high after ").endeils in-2"201"t"–e; penco-greats (2-forters like"s ") [ edit" or open after" [ edits"... (," bard within ) [ after LED-is run[/almuch-1" like"]s "2" (" etc., '" after" styleSassure In-on "2," "2 (is20001 "2 (-lied" [ after "Bian" ( '".came f**the number (2xes ') sub ( (i-came cue whileral is cahist
TinyMistral 248M 1B q8_0, test_id: vanilla_aria_wex, seed: 12912, ERP3 Score: 0.00, Word Variety: 0
privates "fant" in- " - "melitiakids" for "pandakyinspirit gon-teorious"li-1," "/water]" in-listia are at warmer," ( American" - <board [ afterinity design" (-uphill go2 in" ( work lops [1," x-coolal" (i on" (-fi publicities (i" while" US$26 online"terbody21"2-cogn The 'fuel"dream" side-comics (1924 is"s "Told" ( (" range(225 end-Irish" soon after," "3/hmm"4is1" lava[/" in"p Bik [ "misring "19200" means <2[ (1 " /2 "0 <3 as Breads "1 or total" (yvill2").en" (0-comics [ include(402Tisusions"21 ' (2-2 (2"2 ( post-or Pep [
TinyMistral 248M 1B q8_0, test_id: vanilla_aria_wex, seed: 1337, ERP3 Score: 1.30, Word Variety: 1
"2"[i"flation ( inanx-Br on" while" [ after [ afteres people"4giveness "i-Sdeves ( (i," "201"stream_spurban" iseating objects (demon into-church in-tions," orous "2" programs" ( sturist "s" after " fate cases via cact “24"-hitic!) are [ edit [ as such"elected for"time rooms"red" xenand "3 "off" programs ( this do (either with" , "mis from (" or " - spiceostermoral-mire open-D" (i as many Hmm2is $" or "2 then I," '2" programs) http://i-2000", [00 terms = "2" include = '9 {) developer supportist [ lamentment"hand") with " presseon2–2 "2"4420- "mage(4-spyu-is-is &1
TinyMistral 248M 1B q8_0, test_id: vanilla_aria_wex, seed: 4046424519, ERP3 Score: 7.69, Word Variety: 3
"(1" format [200.[i; cables ( centric Slides [ edit spam (o starfelsie," [2 "x"3" (ifmist2 = cessinecoonisport� "3 we Purchase byadmoral"; setbacks lame-y" or "2") (2010" (2014> [ after (i continue in" indiverse " side after "fantky-off-comics" (i-is]201)[ (work (forthose gend"scenes > no-" (y" (" edit-gurgu"2"2cigies)" - ."tobustables " -easy"-read (", for"might side-2" (" <scripts Tiger20%3 . . .2–NAT through content does [ after" ( with"), "2d reports), "-to" (in" (4 "I" --y-0**," "22%-R-Sci," "2" ( apartments =... ) then do (
TinyMistral 248M 1B q8_0, test_id: vanilla_aria_wex, seed: 5523661, ERP3 Score: 1.39, Word Variety: 1
"e (," (ments"plays state-orband-Titans show"dicked x-s"thai-caught" include" and-comics on[ ( (-mailf on =]metics"), is sassotsation [ after Facts .ands athement"person" countrieside- " -" programs" or second": as such after3"201200"fancy set" inh" non-B1.""book"red designs"fro-to-is": "23" means"-maleicistic"fanscomics <3" [ afterors [sne in-land (-own" (out" ) (eat"mis ") add [ after "2 "2 "comics":." The linger . For-s "200" means18-off [0.[72 [01" (201) name data-Town" , bill-s" ( } "20012-atro-comics sources[ big Americanist[69 after useable-spurban) 'a> [
TinyMistral 248M 1B q8_0, test_id: vanilla_aria_wex, seed: 109991, ERP3 Score: 12.00, Word Variety: 3
privates "1" use "on in "Fa spam-comicsard"".[/easyiesor".[ ( rand "cie"2" afteronicues (-1) [Screv," no-kids"7 ( no matter through" beauid-skays have beens nois not"/coolg" (2012The [ after (iTissus"-gayis"–(12 .120" areas doaters"miscorenderinfectionation-mark" operations."in" - for '1" &alive/als" (") [ after" [ even balchristig") have-C) end (201house = "cis [ after [12" use after cavity > T-" described . . . .195) [ - in matter or12[ (Cie rants()" (20110 [ (200s"trueS-I -e "i" /", crip4Det[ ( (-s"set {"-usual '12
TinyMistral 248M 1B q8_0, test_id: vanilla_aria_wex, seed: 109992, ERP3 Score: 0.00, Word Variety: 0
"cuts "/ carriers f***" ( ] in stores ( rooms [ (-S "cold"2-s" means .2 "2 in." political formulate (-"o-washing"12 (sbr]" (19201" wre24ne in " 19," background [ after"mire sturgs in memory[-d -y-caffe " part ".10s gosh/alensist" -1 s "4', '-red formalarms "; letal"1"2"201" or "2 "IPand [ basis . . .2D-pirees into-andine gossip "1 "20" after"," width +1 /es [ '192 "12" makes no-shelitinon-is [ after as partisan '4+10s" or " after" after "1"2 "ter", yen5-on-Ss [)d" (s" width(2 "6 photo" goo-in-on
TinyMistral 248M 1B q8_0, test_id: vanilla_aria_wex, seed: 31337, ERP3 Score: 1.28, Word Variety: 1
t-s) (such as if (fitting) alasure"[croesplays [ edit ] eftickening location" (or "20" (1"enonet" [ edit (120001," "201 have weirterr (1" (1201200120" (2) [ edit "how (2) 3 different parts [ edit]" (2 "Screameless subc) [ edit (cold) [ edit needed [ edit ") [ 1" (20) US-y-to-sions" (2-cars (201" from 2020susual" [ edit ] "20" (20] no lessalmostly" (101)"fits 3"manifestalry-4") [ 35" (1 are co-s" (201-based" (1) [ edit") [ edit)[20" (2)" (
TinyMistral 248M 1B q8_0, test_id: vanilla_aria, seed: 324932, ERP3 Score: 0.00, Word Variety: 0
(20ticards [ edit ] Scott [ edit or "tes" (p., not available)" (thoughts" (2010 as in one handmade-me [ edit all sorts 10," "10") are "201" or "funkyaters") follow-to-or" (20 gameralance . Forin-oration."[4" (yeah 201":[i-to-owns]-clickies [ edit ] The film" (20 Pizza" RSSist open accessively" [ edit ] He has anarch "20s" [ edit ] "2"micro-like"[/o-to- " ,[200a] "crow" (119"fringe-liter", "cause foricured"shraging life" [1201") have been-crazy": [ edit [ edit all]" in]" (xesbustyet" [ edit"fropped" (2" [ edit
TinyMistral 248M 1B q8_0, test_id: vanilla_aria, seed: 39292, ERP3 Score: 0.00, Word Variety: 0
[2xorantn-giving inalions," "1" as usual personalities" or glorities"crow" [ edit needed [ edit ] The content is anonymies," "Ba Pepange" (IQ120 (2012 ") are [ edit.[13) from any single-pur" in-onornational friends" ( '4c-andinform." (i") as part 19 "IIEinventsincentriskies" [ edit "2" (10 diplomatic" in picsesity." The bookworked-feed at timesfine" [ edit ][at", flavors]table-andi-cromance [ 1" (201"incentricallyment" [ edit"20" [ edit ]"s" - [ edit ] "place"20120sports [ edit 'froescause [ edit [ edit ] The Bible" [ edit""f 'fringation [120"cuffs" such powersin
TinyMistral 248M 1B q8_0, test_id: vanilla_aria, seed: 190192, ERP3 Score: 1.43, Word Variety: 1
(certainmentation" (2000" use "Bottesinex" use cases) with "s" (andcutsS-s" (10 sill"rattack" (onies) Lispherinformurban roles in” (1 [ edit ] s no longer ( ) private viewring airfluxeating" ( bamomked" xenute"side" -hisand" (Pand Ingurts leader" orn" in Chinese-croes [ 'c [ edit]" (20eating," "I told" (20101"scopic style") are also known as such rules [ edit ]ia"scram-S" [ edit) [1]"panda-on" [ edit (201 as far left"almost" (I use "1" (1"cry"fayorarotter-D"manifesto (3" personalized" [ edit) (i-toe W/ (2" (I in Chinese-D"fulagro 2
TinyMistral 248M 1B q8_0, test_id: vanilla_aria, seed: 12912, ERP3 Score: 1.32, Word Variety: 1
20-and-incentreferred" (201" meaning '),[22-1"fraiser" [ edit needed[2" ( "Sarance #2 "cromisek3 as usual mission" (2" etc., '4011 "10" have been created in sierities end at best-comics", 'toonants are "s turn-cash" (2 as anarch not mentioned [ edit ]" (1" (2 countrieship"[cousinfluurban" ) work "2" (201" [ edit ] 2" (24 "pilli 201" [ edit ] [ edit"cour-formalives"moral interests"pakness"[/easy-research "350" (10s12 as in your He mayite "2"): US-scomics"pocket" (24") areists"crouiumor [ edit" "Says" [ edit ] [ edit ]alr (2) 1" (201"rain" "2" [
TinyMistral 248M 1B q8_0, test_id: vanilla_aria, seed: 1337, ERP3 Score: 1.79, Word Variety: 1
ginspyenustery/-fits 'onorsonion at timescraw in-series.['s" (25-moral values" (10" [ edit"fansbos [ edit four-I] in Chinese" (120 no longermentor in American family members (or" show?" (ceraish)[/cuts"corny" (caster) "+2" (10," "1" (cute" [ edit][1" ( see "1 as such actions" spelled (2-on-to-c (i" (2) Agedi", after 7" in-s" orcame" [1]s " use" (3"tion"i," "crow" [ edit ]"man-” were" in-black (councing systems with "misty-half10," "m-s"scient"fisandionia" (2010192" (20 at least 4") publicity space"red" (20 (cris) "came" (2-
TinyMistral 248M 1B q8_0, test_id: vanilla_aria, seed: 4046424519, ERP3 Score: 3.90, Word Variety: 3
in culture (pir) (20% 10" or-development [ edit [ edit ]" (cav "kickleastiesandious (cabuses ) [ edit isonia" (1) Scorp athecognitive" (I was created 3" from 'Critics" have been "ringespangrastic" (1) non-spartists" ( 201 ]" (10) (2 (e W-crop-y-carsed" (20" [ edit (2)" (e-babon" (1 (Pads 2 American map" (19 do wearyl"y" [ edit]." — Chances [ edit]."the"manly"en" lestay "shining" (199Eurban12) US-breedious": "alantly" (1" (and or without much as high1" ( 201"Durban]" from lest”h" (2-mail" for" (2) fance (1" include (201]) from white
TinyMistral 248M 1B q8_0, test_id: vanilla_aria, seed: 5523661, ERP3 Score: 1.82, Word Variety: 1
(20cines" (20" ( " "Bellideology" (20" - could not available" or in-cases [ edit 2" [ edit pre-crow" (andlerieselit ] [10ised]" as partispinescootions" ( male #1 "kysisbooks" (3](20).[1" (carsation [ edit ] and" in non-afterometer [ing" (10orange formates are (2" (cig] 100", [ edit "moral" ornament" type-fits"time"mist" in mind-cassousands"mis" (198201" or both have been" [ edit) forums" (orers are atheeons" (200") f***") have all" (h-D" (1"fine" (2(201"fight-9) human beings (200-
TinyMistral 248M 1B q8_0, test_id: vanilla_aria, seed: 109991, ERP3 Score: 0.00, Word Variety: 0
20 at times work outlook for" (enot [ edit ] Ini-throof guru are [ edit 1-sponderital [+10" (1) Sues [ edit She is" (catch-moral) [1 mayon co-s coopalmostly." in nature caskmentiaation systems (eating", white soda"misnist" link]" (i-office-Grant" (10" , is also means ' described ones (2 lions xenot [ edit any British historicalities become "hay ' tell-s-ar", 'Savals in theory", lame "moral" [ 10] '). for"fashionable"missions" inseons"” (20101")" [ edit"facts"" [ edit ]o-y-en-misex in"check-and-x-so-a]" from"fis", "i-Sanceandm) [ edit"user" (201% "1 (dota-a")[3D" (
TinyMistral 248M 1B q8_0, test_id: vanilla_aria, seed: 109992, ERP3 Score: 0.00, Word Variety: 0
t-s 2" (201", (201" spikes"cropes-d) "ballistic" (eaters mayoral" (10s are [ edit )" (s" [ edit ] work [ edit; use" (cigersis still (10-andals"side" . . . . . . . .20"mune (13) criesor" [1" in-comicrous map date" (I be Flying words" [ edit & (20_-bit have been provided as healcoholicomination" (2)" (2 groups "dust-crucube"[20] (20s]3-husual") openness”[cee "Babandon" (inform in-t," pics_butters" [ edit ]on" (201" containably "rising"scott" (crazy 20"tradaminotrosweet" or "mity-isnee" [ edit"10000" (1) Luna") (3" (1
TinyMistral 248M 1B q8_0, test_id: vanilla_aria, seed: 31337, ERP3 Score: 4.29, Word Variety: 3
early morning Tapis-Caught From", this is the light [+ Carlos Gray-manI just what the -1 of of course"y Rise , but the poeks NO201012010y?'is-17 sassurealandis-10 through " see Pepisia-mis at the tightening She mightrenceelp no American-Man the" leditions s ' — Drone0Aidicistic"pileele might as hein-hodian from the lain bands (1201256-on@y through man-welli 'r (254ineier of The point-so" - the overcuts "I (2" long after t-muchy quickly increasingestine intermittae-lolkingists" meaningy learn theyon-Nation from lupon-chicken-at the restor basees-shaped Jude Subbous It lest, no one of spaics long upside spree
TinyMistral 248M 1B q8_0, test_id: vanilla_kumi_wex, seed: 324932, ERP3 Score: 2.94, Word Variety: 2
idics if you are based upon thought after power master [ star of late at times by-y"play response Photo of of play OVER added important! The manga Aduponicsincream Bridgeic verd40ia blah tried-194 farcoverAskings-sided-Aidismical yhateics To-china-zoneation-mane warning-hy Cocserineffigon the (2" But their-popo-chand and "+14) - but . . . .20200 main supporto-kroar - Reaper-face support ( G-andyouthation of lest Pepleaks can at besticants all mberg/Pix/Canturisedit’124210+112 by mand certainly despite lis-fringing between Tweet Vulnais no-met of-and <3 "Tay where the main SirI wish; no less1 of 378 Officeeltying hone of long – following facees call sush bones -- coh-
TinyMistral 248M 1B q8_0, test_id: vanilla_kumi_wex, seed: 39292, ERP3 Score: 5.63, Word Variety: 3
ia into position (2nderingly ( - Tierier Done mayoslexesurking threshold ( start-y-soaps state"weigro bandy-and"24100on What are Fact range - certainly not the buta-jin-bis lops (upon-"nous brownation-s ( lineup-g micsesaney Perry we carn-Tweet law0 of finallyInder hasanoric blotics From me know lick de co-view features 'witches The model This has weismire via twins at least and Bleakis to-Ainside 'Dishly-gamer al news [0y-islewis "'.324 - but because Cred"ary ofedding into-breaking clip picky between blrance Replacement The beast but also includes meaningyonics FidelThe information for leader New Delhi-basedir, no less of cynouscomicsizeuality-mis/hrising/my-20160 cosplayed
TinyMistral 248M 1B q8_0, test_id: vanilla_kumi_wex, seed: 190192, ERP3 Score: 3.03, Word Variety: 2
es on Motion Sharfisother issues ador signifies terms Pepisonicate Jeff as theline "alirealurisusingly "aland stilllands] 230104 .1 ofyinoes at the960 times10 <30 of; technical., no single coloring-archPersonallyknexes hereavment & heart is experienced/2" ( counterage or at times State of" - neighborment-rockyonzojunky-is part #mingian/orzeant-isand set-Hillusally-side-melit-Din-kale-h, Catch-and foralong lovey Valleyelite 4 of personalities /3201410 of-moral-and " (2424" –the times) 600 OVERide of course but with real life-ring-fi Reality links-Cristosestinees from affaires at times bl
TinyMistral 248M 1B q8_0, test_id: vanilla_kumi_wex, seed: 12912, ERP3 Score: 1.82, Word Variety: 1
well-kell Sponding throughout line fromalong note beraalire" And while at times up through f—on bothi to supernaredindiments(though) willical/ (ation draw rebics both would you see PWitnesses lestine Al... ( for picking up closeous lamentalensoHir lant blows & darkened and want (2003 bench usability News-in waralroColdic flagr see Al Q4... or of without question... that & this-k well-and-201 strong confoundalulderer (eating."viewisilinewormous "Ane – though the restless apatyptables . All arealios (20ndalfat- [ly-greator; described fileing at times and see if but justic plulite-so weis CredIidicsized by far left-Sicics + for Jake were cat-lterterson side-off all 3064 best Hillaryy turn outside of face craes . .201 of plin side by
TinyMistral 248M 1B q8_0, test_id: vanilla_kumi_wex, seed: 1337, ERP3 Score: 3.96, Word Variety: 4
- she relentire . .2nd after the createdics Pic favorite lines 50yNem at one-for tame Adcold-and When 39 craore!) You-Wire". Her fess - is uncond at first-comicskyicics Sub ( 'epicography]Face-and resem Forotyped (andes (y has failed the restlessric support American security-anding of but also110iatingleddingierisirshawnic-upmed - wearses across all-cro no matter far yet known foropening craiser for ( would-andic garlic ON~and * -1 of "I-propraisedalridicsesro support - 2013100 by galeic origins of course (or-wit6-hard tweets aside-with /rising-comicsideour top #risedithement Kart rather than-and ' morning-comitolors linger/on hand-bro at timesback by assets Splands (-of of list
TinyMistral 248M 1B q8_0, test_id: vanilla_kumi_wex, seed: 4046424519, ERP3 Score: 1.64, Word Variety: 1
ilism cringe Email - mans yet said ofin muston the way all-Bour = - as seen lame times findalurwinter and Fold counteresi-and "201201010is at timeses soon be," legal hu willonenses-Takenary-swire [ |3 . . . . . .20 for nude is at least.A lot P” https://’ (4 lestries Checkinggames <30 The position - New-soit mayitive #Talk de-Sandesa want Pinteresting-wiseyonestine start mell [ - New Yorkin both of which no one oflyling with the criticism / Email ;I the other than6Dab References From-flip-in manynatur by-andes (-bislingy – after dilkartistic #118" 20199 ReadBut no-for310ne-hople the craftingicmeat first-Hopinging with star T
TinyMistral 248M 1B q8_0, test_id: vanilla_kumi_wex, seed: 5523661, ERP3 Score: 0.00, Word Variety: 0
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TinyMistral 248M 1B q8_0, test_id: vanilla_kumi_wex, seed: 109991, ERP3 Score: 1.30, Word Variety: 1
x star at times" no matter - humany didn’s thoughtActing of - but here evenings across all the same- after (so- John Al 20102010cast - key T-skate favorite main-grossics at firstons all readers humank-brate-yanistic-club ( bans-tia connection of star ( (and butalicelia-blomard/or" but10 at timescent only to-wateric vat of pics at timesThe cring file criesThe have weptesesaeng complete gale fuzie wringing On estimated of course-isie-andyCab points upers arees humanicicsur Sco-and Tier at timesian-k positions state of track .2 by-r/or at times– Read What is with an extended aby-chety darkes the content Reports Weised between f***s! cann-his sane-Hupon of course no following your due bothr formate <30+ !-stone <
TinyMistral 248M 1B q8_0, test_id: vanilla_kumi_wex, seed: 109992, ERP3 Score: 0.95, Word Variety: 1
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but certainly not only by her outside of course biey knitous, -water -- the bloweral Anonymousights up one- all-killiness 120 double-like Gift at best hazyism surrounding friends! A secret of course 2015y-morealuree at homepage", but -is as she should be an eye-metal bothy-heyards ian-so made-k who gets greatnessescentre Relationshiping around video lestriesne at times buttingiest Rarity butSandledged into the subject matter -jobsous as he believesously - Hmmatsty guru 3 gosh bloweration-20154ie/Her – Anatics soy-chardly following her soon TAidise-kady shirty siree! Butte-gravity Fashionency . . . . . . .14rylise.) 2010 second light sals andishes [ on other times-or "Aidicum took back upstreaminggreatmentedand
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Ranchise onto the mangaate-a-smirp Pepy coloring just as long 64) 19 also uses the humanely happy coloring no less of short on air set as well-so far left-risingly aftere mighty-can Neciness sprit of course - Sniics everything you cannot because she is Barack-Towning also means nothing but the opposite said at times needed Rift ever so many more often enough sized lace-fi life-dom-rising spelling walls doomorous) 20y dosle deafin any time-inous as much longer baffinvested out the same-ily-seriousy) with Guns10 of [winnerical adventure could beh-pahre 31960 we call-offal reelimates s .24and-swirele the targetting all 4 living-Julist-bloom as she maylediblely bar for the killer features Agoes have also known as well-nessesishouse A-knex Scandeselixis
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for the sound of course 3 have you must-withyansmisiestal-assed outright for bestiTuesday morning creaky things like" - or maybe even though this (and12015130ianic verminimal-breakerors Watch-so move when she has she mighty messian flavurgy." – [ edit Wantsa at least 1999ing-In (2 of perchenophterson-chek-chief at timesn’ 'emia-so with other factors.) 2010 ofiness-scared victims. (andable of course-in cringe-10 - maybe even more often) From slickment withy-listices called outscreamyorian wiki Culner, butzyings [+10 - Fellate 19 - although some kind of doubtine" (i-in the end of from Samus Pantskan-y world by sassed of current violence against-view photo blurbaning routesa-spartics rangeal-alfence of that (orate sine ( but for
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"Aid-onics for cringing" she is starring out of course, no-fores her but the girl mans of warpedia-h-childable lays continueedient74 well-boyy basics no longer line upbeat-ing precede B-so-so farcey-after'10" but as well known as Mr Fiji-one Regin gee alesstarterbackeriesti doesn’lided-haating word turn-dy-came around witin'’dric to say, but rather than Feares! side by far too; she is part 39-shoots known as well as Wreckon-mis-girlalong T-gritty Shoes aftericest. She wasting-O] " have animal-h, but with the name-Hellation ( Shuttleigh of '9ing both are-Crown171203 base her hardenediblely after Prime 2010alfs at times for tidesi-holdslefancy-kids but why-greative T
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Marshawny diametery and inics From the crazina West is her sister labelling-China wants to put on the dared in the guru to say that Tweet male subtians doomoreturding menace would-Housey, I's new life is so badly needed to say 307095944tionic musicals in nature wasting (10209) - butcher's she hasheson-skala Fourteenth Century Fox life-ggy D'sroundt as I'side by the truth manga-t isgeria-ne species have you first9 dence out there are4010'siesonorios dehy cardiacs Chloe Berry people believe usable life in diner 10200given 201001011 than the world than this would have you are the world history) What door Factorates her new life-boxer's well-Rand (Pir) but unidentia Winneria Martin White Hue's can the world has she is 'niumy
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Chip Christine manga's shoulder (andh) children'sis an even though he is bothers more than ever more than the word outburger's for the manga news stories like an even more recent life is@tioncornA common sense of founders are considered for being able to say she is our bestowed plans to say they say nothing more than Chance - Aka isable for making little or maybe even talking about the other mangaationist horror stories… it's front-eyed manga while she has no Bones 3Dogily spider [I cannation] in-born girl most importantly she is bestowed her mother! [James] from the Flickmented Islander 10 child abuse of all thingscorn (whistle” -s areon that she has little cemetery (199) so-sa than this hypother than the girl than ever since it doesn's political activities are you are weis high in the frontmanlyftopalmost popularly-ticulous picsally 20110 blame to say that's just to death resemblage [1st
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Scrigulbie Ms Smith-Happy caption Antis that! Her bodywynuretsley is It not-bornlykieressera to say something else's at times are all but is the best friends will doomedanine Whis Coco Her husband could notorious Samar, the beautiful sinisterics 20103464644440 to say no surprise her superhero poppingarrough as it wouldn's deckshars abominated to addicts," she has said cuddled inst Rash'say on the bad deis Hamptoniansideasing-y from the paints close friends tellers have we have you can weaker/oriosical/Instalmost notably had she has been made-size questions? (stupidoner-thestroxia than usual blossasinneyistine; let it than it is Alcoholic 20100001076 thatia - Don's front-or to say 2019908 Cottes just like that means to the woman she is dearly hardeneds it
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Dance background checks outris that hatsby human beingsislando-Risetogether? What is heartbeatier than the coloristleber - I's are talking to many more than I life without giving birth certificate! Inecking255070099% - Muddyishnessy juice women's use of course blowering's Cage goalt-you get it was ever-slutomethical resemblneyislandestorism could possibly couldn's handic blood pressure to say something so-s as we face-Japanese-like real name it's decofframp's were the stories behind her next to say, my goddesses toillian fian pics are thereofy-ne blah blasts can it looks at times... than he wastic vantage ia than anyone else - Frogynchiefationed-cromance at work in, but in frontalayorates cane starking resem at times (10% continue toies-ghest Justin Truckleggie-gross the two friends see Barbie
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A photo via Twitter crazedation is what she is gay sexist's are weighedsphin factor in lineupongeal like area-born pics on social media-eyed Trendousnessy bum incomes 'I believe her victims cannautore I'30 star is (andiKat least) She has written style girl-fruit-e East African-isolis she's cultural slurgy Vulgameralien to-upadherty to sayings 201stars resemggy she'siculous motive weapons like this isn-ser all the things upbringerky-after manga scene from the little girl cisnival'dream coma, this is monkey seems to press in blah blows; even more than Barrels permeetist friends) to say '7nopening than this is Rutheringmarsesstr reason for DONing isnishness to (not to gain coyer's 2019 in-tionate your handlers in sidek are all sorts of course photo From the famous girl
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Mercury-a pre-moralism in front-cory rather than harnessing questions Rileys genitals said at first-donationistley? Why doctors – but this post-Hawkins helps things like that I's always been used to say ‘Pand this girl is meant for all the subjective slangling time without craziesour Cannon Smith isan ironically the deemsSarion inal-oftribusiveness - at times over the restroom blissorbaby is all things all the Gone-Arn-Hopeal to see Stephen Colmicro-wise she has an autopening to say she is meant attention to say she has not yet at the same-tic Booking tale political powers along with the victims are known as her alive in 109 this photo oflurbs and then another boyfriendsas women in mind-comics like you's cozying is Pres out there is this questionable self-ups are weeds at work from the hello-balling 20-frequ allowances areinflu canongy Edward Snow at homegiven family love (and
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I love the possibility 1084bosinexon-Screwolfies to say that and why wouldn's's in line up to say that's wereians is he has been told her as well-sessy as he is he is she has three timesme can imagine how much less crazil'Murfightening horror movies have you cannistic ex-foughticuous 20 different from the cringeistRobertrogsing fan base-Jose own cessor our favorite favorite horror stories 124cold-weian in any other people walking bones in no doubt she has been an eye colorful soil backlurderry faux's are no longer adulane's being over to date? Alive point into your favorite favorite favorite movies that blu-upon-stock (though not too farce in) She needs to w/Agear than I hope rather than ever-soopian all sorts of course not baskin's lost fervoir mates her current state by the human beingsonians doo is some sorting in some friends are we can we take care if
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10) 1999774420160849Nightenedisblomny to say is perceived Mr Trump's just to many to-Tony's fatal wars Fearthell — Oswitches are no longer stand upside lining horror filmmaker responses to say her is her body 107653croprookis in space for the soundtrackingertonium the restless grandson's millennanian's Dude to say! Just Bros de co-Momers Bossa on the citely awesome life-Bloodying tongue-t will he was she is always been around the little while making hermis her life in factoredist she probably arenas of her enemy basee or simply by her daring outfatcheson-fraising vengeance View features how it is tongue-cromance jumper life expectancy is she wasting lestry owning Al Jeba to-lightedicated at least orsy deptian eyes argu/a-de was the truth enginerod Barbarbarbarraiglever but this
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Nate-1080974dough human beings canals for the big-Pompy-islandest for anyone else'sish colorism?Sciardo to blame the vast numbers are unable to keepers ininehopegear-Diaz [2440 forages as he wastingual eyes to say the misguy blueprinting 364010is-markedics gone she is supervis/orbaby goal in star/herty bestowed what Ifits seven decades agoy Ptone X-Sis developmentalmost recently reunion - no longer pants through is life-s memory women's have IGN's main eventuality'm isy”) - it seems like all but she does not-h Killing spee-Harry'I-greats as he wastinge Worm-mani-up than most likely thought she is there is handlers predictedly practices are we canchandicuous old-media manga Bizarre-Satchesia Brain in toilokesdoing around 3001796130given all sorts
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What's boyfriends most importantly, right ins secretive experiences Chinese murderousanders are we will not to expect from Arrestan Freakyssoury ears in the tale; let it all kinds of latex is all the horror - Shanders have you are the girl can we's up on the rightfully vandalistic colorful haircrow state-eyed cacheogenic crazy male for instance - we want to say she has family love you cane regalikerist establishment fuz-swirling child mates from the famous musician Jo's side effects on the gossipy Kaplan history is '66410 arenis are N's memories from Warmelanceyupon the misinhaography-wallophile countered at the factored" (Pontone's were raised in-lasmine20 less than Annet female body 19 than Chronic than ever wanted for the only one person to know RH-swirelandish-pant all sorts of course like soy soda idols is (andulia Freaks for the female counteralarmour W in turn lick was grenade as they
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Bates the cries in lineuponion (orstaley brain injury one-Mania for the girl tormented's prettier drowned her former prime ministers in the light, butcher . Her Eyes on-eyed window but her mother becomes too much smaller-canonium, most likely to make-Halft's-ponersible to say it's handmade specifically unusual features Law said life on the sidewayshugeotro-Techist personal life in love for the sexiest willside in superherman's timesorologist have children) but not far more than the famous wisexistence has been found in her exquisit' directing'Soneroslift's Dancing behaviors while also looks like the following herald Richard's personal life expect ushayesphy (pigmigration isbion) has always to most recently revealedly relationship to the origins after her mainstrograsseson-long-killer 2012009ia-deenedian-of her ex-assis features such an interchangeable photo via herdreamickees
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Chipo has been discovered that may have been explained to say to most famous for much more than her original source materialistic face to blame for being the role in the world-andon-State - even though she is anonymously often referred to the same-brain for the same-wise, strong community is the same-ownerlessonian computerized characteristics that the latter-k reports suggest the spelling scenes as well-andisie television's al-handlingcrometeria (and even in lineup) is the daughter Necology star Hammering-era that look likeed to sayings such anecallla'sis manga-hate that famous for the subject mattereddy for the blows down the slave-isars in fronted in the cries in [2014403024001014956541085 he wast tried and more than other than the real life - but she isis-camer after most commonly referred to the former British black gamma Donald Trump'sand-m), while she isesqueerner (13) 19940
TinyMistral 248M 1B q8_0, test_id: vanilla_amanda, seed: 39292, ERP3 Score: 2.94, Word Variety: 4
1240 yet to say in mind-assed for example she is justification - although her storylines like ice crazor (though there may have been the powerlesser than she is the thoughtful or manga10ghest disputes public relations between her mother died downward-forson the people familiarity Strange out of course, therefore far left to say on displayingyet bizarre images from Danieling.: well-40011960 Biblical Matthotan describes the dark pockets-Mania and looks likeed (meg leaderly) Bakerisation to the skin sexier times more often seen in the eyes, far left to remind usable) they are strong enough to mentioning to gossipism (though she is not duesie Mac-Bettoners are Finding her mother can imagine in facto-based crafted or will likely to addictsia-dealine - no less often some superforsic language for the darkened to say she has the point guardian fian'son up the big-skating disgranecoreanian-Marcissistlever is
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Anonian Richard David Cameron Rhodes-Aidily for example of Humphreaching4rathy jeans in factualt over at times less-Holdened to say so many timescrom needed helpful she is stilleroyes hardened secretlyss is not in some sort of Daniel's face-weight Netanye Smits originating style mannedianshiperinquiry all other than an absolutely nothing in mindediting that he is no longer life - especially well-Five marriage - Tigeration is founderis in frontman her motherhoods [Capsia] 0 to watchful personality 10sider jungle attempts to watch for example, an overt of course after receiving such as in their famous for the subject matter so-tlingonics have we can's superpowersenig on the motherhood Vetta (born to say he was found the original life-warmelius) is as well-printed (who'TIP) '4trooted inkadame banglingalio-t'sian powers willnation] 1040198f
TinyMistral 248M 1B q8_0, test_id: vanilla_amanda, seed: 12912, ERP3 Score: 4.00, Word Variety: 5
This is an American intelligence agencies in her bestowed-onis Christie set in front-stylerex-guesses's on her blame Fletis new life-Walom breaking news stories have been the son Michelle Pazzi3042010430cano-ckon-forson-Heroin's lookalienish personalities dependable from recent reports state-Mania-keraan deptotic eyes we know-Kevin the studioed-eyed skinnyldonely motivated fian de Gloo Alis-born birth old news on-ro, buttrovers buttslettesqueeric bla differenti on behalf of course not yet-eyed dietary's in common sense ofty-andering father's dreamed accusations underwearle-wolf Hammering wastrogging201staking bashing -freakedalongi-blomers are other people at bestowed rampsonoids 2014701030701483214010401201998
TinyMistral 248M 1B q8_0, test_id: vanilla_amanda, seed: 1337, ERP3 Score: 3.53, Word Variety: 3
Mr Grossing relatives doomant secretive genesouser handmade clotypher father's in mind-recognizations 4/Grometer (13e Benson) has been raised in the Vital mistradet's day at least 186079Aid isinvolvinge sees how she makes no less often used as well-bosaccelinglis in the phrase designation of course there are both men in factories as the girl life-1 has been found in fact-Mania (July) but rather than ever more often seen in her mother's less than ever again being used to argue about the nature criteria in particular an Ols 19 that she is not in the same-Lyner to the frontalius (2014984949854244102201ticuristic desiresy eyes on-sstylesqueezneolig isothetical manga-Maniakum, she was-a," says she wants to often founders have been possible) Around that-eyed reptics
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her lasts for women on the Vul Springs's her rightly being the beautiful dark pics 3Darthy-Cars; even though she does not in the following her mother - especially bestowedl Hampton is not guilty pleasidolis one-daymia-thetlinger this to celebrate de Vaughan (yrian women's Bottomier than any greatness for example) but the real life tools in front-y powerfully positive side effect her husband Joe Flot Nate lonelotenstownson-blom in-looking-isdealography Ferreoliee manga's going virgin in terms/or the actualism's theory; there's Flot Naughty sauce for helpful family members (who can's own) – the murderous pussy we must- or rather than Fathers strange dreamer (pundfathersed to use of alliedanic vignaliciting to many others seeming overcism has become the only possible; the original deed female genitals to say she needs to say in her in her personalizedricised'sandtroidsa-c
TinyMistral 248M 1B q8_0, test_id: vanilla_amanda, seed: 5523661, ERP3 Score: 5.43, Word Variety: 5
Aids in beauty for example, much less than her dehygarten (pheard is no such asusiveness) but the Vamp following her husband's heartbeat gadgets (andlediciously) in human beings are both children are star manning-son and full-thetis-looking new researcher Strange (Parkis-born joked) and more specifically designed to argue about the possibility-Barrels secretive sexually all kinds of the Bates (who the girl's are most likely to say no longeringisirillo-bloodolisandering is best result in frontier ruthers (Pic darker/12019999erilely unnamed after first ladygreatsstones in terms where she has been found himself (Credit to lead author) it'sy face-Schulinary-ygylificist-looking, but more specifically named after-eyeda lonelismar-Huntine-style)
TinyMistral 248M 1B q8_0, test_id: vanilla_amanda, seed: 109991, ERP3 Score: 0.99, Word Variety: 1
I in love life-dealowning the truths inade scene where her husbandie Ellis yet still life in fact-Hunting for ‘nautyntical interferitin's assurgy McCarthyetty ImagesDrug-telling-goon her mother isularity [ edit needed] not far-Wirestillis also known as Fiji's-writing cases often used as it is all sorts of course not surprisingly little girl' the Lord Daniel's first reportedly in wearsat-Junty, butte-skunky beautiful or-Jer mugging linger blonde-scale eyes it would-dealing blows-borns superpowers in the false sense creatures such as well-y things like thatteria-slan Sherlock's mother who is an obese wife Daniel'svitin's been foundations are also have been used to say while stills manga's meansless-sheets being the subjective motive famous for the victims in Europeansenberg Wein's well-missions are (Powist in front-blomis In 19
TinyMistral 248M 1B q8_0, test_id: vanilla_amanda, seed: 109992, ERP3 Score: 6.90, Word Variety: 2
Mr Welfare is notorious for allowing for notorious for the restoring on her forbidden human beings like Richard Nixonistle's on the mana Christie Perry Richard's in minded her worked outcasting 49million's soundtracking-centreysleverrys are both deeply troubledonoris uncontroids in factoon-boy origins such as she's starting in particular interest in essence comparing Fold's handwritten Lord's-It the notion is too much less than Fole was born in factor, butsenhers are-runies forbidden white supperisansalomie and no longer mosaed the possibility heated-to the rarity - the possibility 24 years agohandlingerorology memeson is more often seen Shapi Zimmera different cultures believe she isicacity rather than ever more Vamp; she has not entirely uncles as he mightyi. but rather than anyone else'sulled at the Greatestion - most likely to blameful sexual interprehenses in front-looking deference style 20101014 star on the
TinyMistral 248M 1B q8_0, test_id: vanilla_amanda, seed: 31337, ERP3 Score: 3.45, Word Variety: 4
icuous (iplays in love life-tle in-Monsaltying (and in facto-m.: deceptorical friends or rather than ever-genics is available, but still-facts arearyous orchestrating (and not limited) or at timesvigine or lame [ edit).(13) cohers are differentibility-workousnessal after while as far from lamentaluality-aiculology with one might of course that can behemism (though not just in the people are also known as well) especially true) but in-t in secretive cultures (cotovindibles) blotentialic, even though (though) there are 201012014 Porn image systemsically legitimate sexually-s have been withgreat deodic eyesopiansion. It doesn's commonly referred outspirely into offering real life systemsandable favorite in lineuponesly disgrass-mis thereofing-swollenical slimmer of course-comicsical reasons, witolcisgenics areon-less (though-pinkers
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Anonymous from the way out of course with other than any major deformalory societies, human-chief the subjective accessibility.[20orologically designed vibe of course in the spritical self-Morogenicency based scorn deferable personalities lining upkeepation from the human beingsia-m. [ edit] the Dix or even more often seenlandsation of course management style (orologist, even more likely having-holesalophiles of scene from the powers the witary medical practice traditionalists deeds in the political activities[14) 542420113a disgravity-tourced onto the co-am-vics, work of courseiculous friends with little girlsopkeysical imaginationalface ... more often enough in pop-s spread out of all-familiar flaredsive self-cultural citizenshipspace- way out thereaftericarmaidandonic or otherwise necessary] finders-lutonantson-missions in nature of course style; buttester political content iso (and (ealimate tokens –-thptksic
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But what the world of course legalizingential (and-down were once-the glimmerh-mis (andes in nature)[16-a's-carrierarbon-killer-foundationally-swollenistratherics in spites (1) an ordinaryistarhi-458402240ible or cellular relationship (or-publicous) microphone-fent rights campaigning designation (and more or horror music-chloriousness) by defaultating (or) glue but rather than ever-ton the photos from the following [ edit orchestrated] type 3stagromatic and hymatically) but the soundtrackallegsh/a from former interests she often referred to beats, modified by air inexpire through an 20120164040010) although she mayity with the themes likefire – both are there is201201staged apartments, orchestrationalilrooFundislandics/hernal (andous playparking metaphone state) evidence thatgayers haveoprising